Four Reasons To Go To Church Even With Young Children

If you have young children, be one thing about yourself. You are tired. You probably haven’t slept well in months, possibly years, and the idea of ​​going to church may seem exhausting, daunting, a bridge too difficult to cross. And those Sundays in which you drag your exhausted family the children do not adjust, do not really listen to the sermon, and everything seems very difficult. So every Sunday morning, you wake up with a lump in your stomach. Are we staying or going? And the danger is that you don’t go.

You Don’t Go Alone For Yourself.

As with many other things in life when you become a father or mother, you don’t go to church anymore. You also go to your children. If I lack the energy to go, I go for them. What message am I giving them if I stay at home? That the church is not a priority. Being tired means that going with God’s people does not deserve the effort.

Let me be clear: going to church does not make me, nor my children, Christians. However, going to church encourages us, encourages others, and leads us to the presence of God’s people. This is priceless. Weekly assistance helps develop a family culture that, hopefully, will continue in our children as they grow up.

Everything we do gives our children a message. Going to church weekly gives them a simple message: God is a priority in this family.

The Church Is More Than A Sermon

“I can’t hear the sermon anyway, so why go?” You may have heard (or expressed) that objection. But while listening to the sermon is an important part of going to church, it is not the only part. At this stage of your life, you may not be able to hear many complete sermons. This is difficult, but the Word of God is powerful. It can penetrate even our nebulous brains.

And there are many other good reasons to go to church. Singing with a whole congregation of people can be very encouraging. Doing so can build your soul when your body is tired. The church will also encourage you, through your friends and fellow believers, as you share with them before or after the service.

Your Presence Encourages Others

As a believer, you sometimes encourage other believers simply by being present. At least you encourage your pastor who has worked faithfully in a sermon throughout the week to bring you the Word of God. You are not just a receiver who takes advantage of the church; You simply contribute by being there.

Seeing a young and exhausted father continue to attend church week after week is a great encouragement for the rest of the congregation.

Those Who Stop Going Don’t Always Come Back

I often hear people say, “It’s very difficult now. We will wait a few years and then return when the children are a little older. They are too young to know the difference anyway.” However, even if you say this honestly, the reality is that most people will not return for a long time if they ever do. Habits change, priorities change, and it is easy not to be with the church. How easy it is to slowly walk away from the Father who longs to embrace you. You may think that this will never happen to you, but the world and the devil will seize any opportunity to get away from the path of justice.

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