Why Do You Need To Listen To Sermons That Do Not Apply Directly To You?

How do you hear a sermon that is not about you? How can you benefit from a sermon about anxiety if you’re not worried, about marriage if you’re not married, or about depression if you’re not depressed?

Each passage is part of the ecosystem of truth.

Each passage of Scripture is part of the broader ecosystem of truth. It is related to any other passage, whether the connections are on the surface or are subtle and underground. The Scriptures provide the only infallible framework for living, the only worldview in the world that uses authoritative lenses to see the world accurately. But if you ignore or minimize certain sections, you will distort the rest.

Each passage reflects eternal principles for your life.

Although the Scriptures were written from time, the principles are eternal. Sometimes the bridge between time and culture is solid; other times, we feel that we are looking towards an island without a bridge on which to bring contemporary relevance. However, the better we learn the progression of biblical revelation, the better we will understand how each text reflects the eternal truth about God, the world, the human condition, and the redemption that is still being completed through Christ.

Every Christian is called to represent faith.

Christians are ambassadors of Christ. We live among the nations of the earth, but our citizenship is in heaven. We belong to a different kingdom, and the risen Christ commissioned us to represent the teachings and values ​​of that kingdom, as well as the path to citizenship for all those fleeing the kingdom of darkness and take refuge in the King of light. We are not only called to represent the simplest form of the gospel message that Jesus died for our sins but to the whole body of Christian truth. Whether the issue is creation or sexuality, immigration or entertainment, gender or government, work or leisure, Christians and churches should always become more effective ambassadors and embassies for Christ and his kingdom. Therefore, no matter what topic arises in our reading of the Bible, in our small group, or in the Sunday sermon, we should focus on this training material for our final vocation as ambassadors of Christ with enthusiasm.


When God speaks, we are wise to listen. Not because everything he has revealed feels immediately relevant, but because everything he says is true, everything he says is useful: “All Scripture is inspired by God and useful to teach, to rebuke, to correct, to instruct injustice, so that the man of God may be perfect, equipped for every good work.” If you want to be trained, matured, and be ready for the good works that God has prepared for you to do each day, learn his Word well, even when you feel that He is talking to someone else.